CEO To Rainmaker

#57 "It's Time To Make Dust" w/Janet Steiner Former CEO

November 14, 2022 Gene Valdez Season 2 Episode 60
CEO To Rainmaker
#57 "It's Time To Make Dust" w/Janet Steiner Former CEO
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Gene sits down with Janet Dabek Steiner former CEO of Thoro Packaging, Inc. and currently a motivational key note speaker. 

Thoro  packaging was formed by her father Macy Dabek in 1968 after he moved the family away from the cold winters of New Jersey to Anaheim, Ca. Thoro  was engaged in  the short run folding carton business. 

 After graduating  from high school , Janet took a few accounting colleges and  began helping  her dad with  the company books.  Macy could not afford to pay his daughter as they were tight on cash in the formative years .

In 1982 due to poor health Macy was forced to step down  and Janet was named as the new president &  CEO. For the next 36 years Janet  was the driving force of the company.  She scaled the business from $1  million  to  $ 40 million and then sold it  in 2018  for millions. Janet shares her entrepreneurial journey,  her best practices  and  her plan to keep the legacy of her dad & mom, Macy & Helen Dabek alive today.

This episode is highly educational, motivational  and truly inspirational . Tune in and also learn what " It's Time To Make Dust" means!

Janet Steiner

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