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How To Become A Great Business Owner for Free!

October 25, 2023 Gene Valdez
CEO To Rainmaker
How To Become A Great Business Owner for Free!
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Show Notes

For many owners, established or startup,  their businesses are not doing as well as they like.

Gene sat down with Mihai Patru to discuss tools and services that are available in California to help businesses get on the right track, stay on the right track and how to grow and expand their businesses effectively.

Mihai is the Executive Director of Caravanserai Project and has worked in the California Governor's office as part of the Entrepreneurship & Economic Mobility Task Force.

Caravanserai Project is a nonpartisan, non-profit initiative managed and operated by a group of experienced professionals.  The project works with for profit and non-profit companies. Its main goal is to promote social and economic global progress by connecting relevant constituencies, and bridging gaps between different cultures and environments through the development of unique, down-to-earth and fully accountable business improvement  programs. 

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