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How To Win a 1 Million Dollar Government Contract!

November 15, 2023 Gene Valdez Season 2 Episode 69
CEO To Rainmaker
How To Win a 1 Million Dollar Government Contract!
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Show Notes

Gene sits down with Karla Gonzalez, a government contracting  expert  and Assistant Director with the Small Business Development Center " ( SBDC").  The SBDC is a national program which is funded by various institutions, including  the SBA. The SBDC provides a full spectrum of consulting services at no charge to its small business owner clients.  The SBDC can advise business owners on how to obtain their share of the contracting pie.  Karla indicated that contracting opportunities could be at the federal, state or city level and three hot industries are janitorial, professional services and construction.

To be awarded a contract her  three key points  were:
1.Understand your product/service  and see if it lends itself  to contracting
2. Make sure you have enough financing/capital avialable
3. Be persistence and network.
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